Directorate History

The Directorate of Undergraduate Studies was established by the SAUT Council in October 2020. Its establishment is a measure taken to free the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (DVCAA) from the day to day operational issues so that he/she can have more time to concentrate on administration, policy, strategic and cross-cutting issues. Previously, most activities that currently fall under the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies were directly managed by the DVCAA.

The directorate is divided into two main sections; the first section deals with matters connected to degree programmes while the second section deals with matters pertaining to Non-degree programmes. Each section has its Coordinator who reports to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Directorate Objective

To enhance quality, effectiveness and efficiency of academic services at Undergraduate level in order to meet the mission and vision of SAUT and to contribute to the socio-economic transformation of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Functions of the Directorate

i. To coordinate the admission of newly selected students for bachelor degree programmes and Non Degree Programmes

ii. To strategize ways of increasing undegraduate students enrollment

iii. To coordinate Curricula development /review and accreditation/re-accreditation of same

iv. To oversee teaching schedules including timetables for final examinations

v. Organize orientation programs for new undergraduate and Non Degree students

vi. To organize graduation ceremonies

vii. To assist students solve academic challenges they may face during their studies

viii. To oversee all issues related to Undergraduate Studies in the University

Certificate Programmes

1. BTC in Business Administration - NTA4

2. Certificate in Tourism Enterprise Management

3. Certificate in Health Administration - NTA4

4. Certificate in Law - NTA4

5. BTC in Accountancy - NTA4

6. BTC in Computing, Information and Communication Technology - NTA4

7. BTC in Journalism and Media Studies - NTA4

8. BTC in Logistics And Supply - NTA4

Diploma Programmes

1. Diploma in Law - NTA6

2. Ordinary Diploma in Accountancy - NTA6

3. Ordinary Diploma in Business Administration - NTA6

4. Ordinary Diploma in Computing, Information and Communication Technology - NTA6

5. Ordinary Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies - NTA6

6. Ordinary Diploma in Procurement and Supply - NTA6

Degree Programmes

1. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

2. Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing

3. Bachelor Business Administration

4. Bachelor of Arts in Economics

5. Bachelor of Arts with Education

6. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

7. Bachelor of Philosophy with Education

8. BSc. Procurement and Supply Chain Management

9. Bachelor Science in Civil Engineering

10. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

11. Bachelor of Science in Tourism

12. Bachelor of Laws


Message From the Director

Welcome to the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) at St. Augustine University of Tanzania where academic desires come to reality. DUGS is your reliable companion, ensuring your success journey towards competence based certificate, Diploma, and bachelor degree.

Our Admissions office streamlines the process as well as preserving your essential files, freeing you to focus on your academic growth. Navigating the intricacies of academia is made easier by our “students information management system” (sims) under the ICT unit. The unit resolves technical queries to enhance conducive teaching and learning process.

Our timetabling experts ensure an efficient schedule for classes, tests, and exams allowing you to thrive in your studies. Our directorate is dedicated to empowering your education voyage, ensuring every step is purposeful and fulfilling. Join us in modeling your future at St. Augustine University of Tanzania.

Dr. Samwel Mseti